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The Heart of Paradero

The Real Estate Offering

The Paradero Difference

Located on La Mesa, our community is amongst several family-owned farms that have been passed down through the generations. At Paradero Residences, we invite you to have an equal seat at our table. We welcome your experiences with our experiences, to create a journey of divinity and wholeness together.

High-design, artisanal crafted
and locally sourced.

Live within the Natural Landscape

Paradero Residences is a collection of 26 three-story villas, each of which boast ground-floor terraces and private gardens, expansive rooftops, and fully furnished interiors and exteriors featuring handcrafted Mexican goods, all locally designed and sourced. From the soil to your soul, the building’s concrete is made from local rocks just a few kilometers away from La Mesa, and all our furnishings are created by boutique artisans in Oaxaca, Guadalajara, and throughout Mexico.

Live Fully without Compromise

Inspired by the natural beauty of our surroundings, the residences are comprised of one-, two-, and three-bedroom residences, and a singular four-bedroom residence, each complemented by a magic-den curated for your unique lifestyle at Paradero – each owner will have the option to outfit the magic-den into a private artists’ workshop, home office, fitness area, or an additional guest bedroom.

Ranging from 1,990 to over 5,000 square feet, each of the la Laelia, el Girasol, la Plummeria, and la Dahlia villas feature luxury appliances, indoor botanical gardens, private rooftops with fire pits, and an abundance of natural light to live fully in the environment of Todos Santos.

We’re In
This Together

Let us make this easy for you. Become one of the million-plus foreigners who own property in Mexico by allowing our team to guide you through any questions you may have through this process. We’ve put our legal and escrow partners in place to help you set up a Mexican trust, a fideicomiso, for your property acquisition. You’ll become the sole beneficiary of your Mexican trust which is backed by the Mexican government and secured by the Central Bank of Mexico.

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